Specialized LCL Product Verticals

Pharma Supply Chain Logistics

We Aguila committed to global standard of pharma logistics operating process & systems, also to meet up Pharma industry various regulatory authority's SOP's in place at any given point of time to assists & delivery global logistics solutions, as the global pharmaceutical companies putting out a greater number of products than ever, each with their own complex requirements,it is essential that third party logistics providers are set to meet up clients deadlines, as the industry is Time bound run beyond your imagination, as a company & our team Aguila committed to delivery solutions with dedicated relationship manager accessible 24 / 7.

As a Unique product designed and developed by us and our team for Pharma products logistics, we are coming up shortly cost effective solutions to manage the huge inventory supply chain to global destination with assured delivery commitment service packages.

Aerospace Technology And Engineering Logistics

“Aviation Logistics?” Air transportation provides critical capabilities for a modern economy. Whether it involves passengers or cargo, the ability to quickly and reliably move valuable resources over great distances improves the quality of life and standard of living of people across the globe. While you may be more familiar with the term “aviation” than “logistics,” you observe logistics in action any time you travel or purchase a product.

The field of aviation logistics is so large that almost any business organization may be viewed as a potential customer for a logistics. The type of businesses and organizations most likely to choose aerospace logistics supply chain company's should be proactive at any given point of time 24/7, 365 days able to delivery updates & offer most competitive service dedication includes better communication, consulting, material handling, merchandising, telecommunications and transportation's with dedicated Service Desk ready to assist truly Aviation logistics.

Major aerospace market segments:
  • Airlines
  • Airframe OEMs
  • Engine OEMs
  • Aerospace Parts Suppliers
  • Aircraft's parts Trading Companies